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Custom Rolling Stages

Custom Rolling Stages – Southeast Staging on the Forefront of Technology

Rolling stages allow for quick entry into a space without having to spend time assembling a stage on-site.

Our Innovative Thinking:

Ten years ago, we developed a modular rolling stage system which includes a wheel system that won’t damage grassy areas or turf and a power supply system that can run with batteries or be plugged into a wall without ever shutting down. The system is self-powered and self-contained. Our unique innovation allows us to change the length, width, and height of the stage according to what the venue space can support.

The process is an intricate one, as the main understructure (or truss grid) depends on what the dimensions of your stage will be. After we configure the grid, we can mount our turf wheels, and then turn our attention to our custom bracket system for the LED screen. The LED screen will display off the front of the stage, allowing our clients to put anything they want on the screen: logos, sponsorships, commercials, and more.

Our Opportunities:

We have had the opportunity to utilize our custom rolling stages during playoffs, half-time shows, the Super Bowl, College World Series, Final Four, presidential tours, film and movie sets, and more. Our innovative system allows us to get onto the field or designated space in less than two minutes. Our goal is to be there for the minimum amount of time as possible, to give you the maximum exposure!  

Our experts at Southeast Staging handle sound production, LED lighting and video walls, and special effects.

  • Sound Production: DiGiCo Digital Consoles, Meyer cabinets
  • LED Lighting: All of our lighting is green technology, which conserves the natural environment and resources and provides low power consumption.
  • LED Video Walls: Outdoor rated and high definition
  • Special Effects:  Special effects are an important part of a big production as it elevates the energy of a crowd. Special effects include fire, smoke, confetti, CO2 cannon, and bubbles.

Stages are a powerful component to an event because they elevate you above the crowd, spotlighting what you are showcasing. At Southeast Staging, we will take your event to the next level. We do it 100% right the first time, every time. Contact us today for a quote!