We’re Camera Ready!

Lights! Camera! Action! The film industry in Georgia has drastically changed. In 2021, the Georgia Department of Economic Development announced that the film industry had spent four billion dollars on productions in Georgia! From Marvel productions to Netflix’s Stranger Things, Georgia is the Hollywood of the South.

In June 2020, the major motion picture, television, and streaming companies committed to bringing back and hiring an estimated 40,000 production workers to work on 75 production projects in the state that would invest over $2 billion into the Georgia economy over the following 18 months.

Where does Southeast Staging fit in all this? We’ve been able to help lots of productions all around Georgia. From working with Tyler Perry Studios to ESPN, we do it all! Our staging equipment is camera ready! We understand the timelines of productions and the importance of set design. We have a huge inventory of things to choose from or we can build it for you!

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