Amazing Event Spaces in Georgia

Georgia is home to many amazing event venues, large and small, including indoor and outdoor spaces. With over 90 years of combined experience, Southeast Staging has worked on some of the biggest events in the industry including The Super Bowl, Final Four, Presidential tours, film and movie sets (including Richard Jewel), and more!

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The Importance of Lighting in Film & Television

Lighting is a fundamental aspect in film, as it creates an atmosphere for your content and plays a large role on how the film will look to the audience. After all, film is a visual medium. Video cameras do not capture light and detail the same way our eyes do, so it is imperative to have the proper lighting.

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The Importance of Stage Design

In order to set your event apart from others, stage design is one of the first aspects to consider. It is a critical component to a successful event, bringing your vision and theme to life. Depending on the type of event you are having, there are many options for the design of your stage. One thing always remains the same: your stage layout must always make the most of the available space and protect presenters, performers, and attendees.

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