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The Evolution of Runways

Some call them catwalks, some call them runways. Once upon a time in a world without smartphones, runways were used for exclusive fashion shows to entice clients into buying the latest designs.

In the early 1900s, the first catwalks were starting to emerge. Designs were presented to clients through simple presentations. In 1901, Lady Duff Gordon presented her “Gowns of Emotions” where models appeared on stage with scenery, lighting, and music.

Traditional catwalks took place in department stores in the early 20th century and were more of an elitist show. Fashion houses had complete control of the imagery and video footage that was released. Fast forward to today, social media and smartphones have made fashion shows more accessible to the masses.

The times of simple catwalks has moved into an audio-visual experience. What was once used to display fashion, has now transformed into runways being utilized for all sorts of events.

Runways are simply walkways above the surrounding area, that provide users access to move: displaying what the event is showcasing. You can now provide an immersive experience with a runway at your next event.

How You Can Enhance Your Next Event With a Runway

  • Lighting: You can create an illusion on the actual runway, utilize trusses with LED lights, or seek out immersive color-drenched spaces.
  • Design: Runways can be custom built to suit the needs of your event and space. For example, roundabout runways allow users to have a turning point and branch out on the sides.
  • LED Displays: Integrating technology into a runway can enhance attendees experience and is great for larger crowds or tiered seating.
  • Location: Runways do not have to be set over a solid, unmoving structure. Pool runways are a great example of this. While the structure is safe and secure, pool runways give you a unique element with a touch of excitement.

At Southeast Staging, we custom build runways for fashion shows, proms, weddings, and exhibitions. We can help you boost not only what you are presenting, but the attendee experience, regardless of the size of the event. Having over 90 years of combined experience, we are the pros when it comes to event production services. Visit us online or call us today for your event needs to see how we can help you!

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