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Green Lighting Technology

What is Green Lighting Technology?

Green technology is a term that describes the use of technology and science to create products or services that are environmentally friendly. It improves performance, while reducing costs, energy consumption, waste, or negative effects on the environment.

Green Lighting Technology is part of the clean technology movement. It drastically cuts down on the amount of energy used by lights while saving you money. Even with a low consumption of energy, you can still produce a high output of light without the excessive heat production. Utilizing green technology lighting has an energy savings of up to 92% efficacy. For par type incandescent lighting it’s 35%, and around 10% for incandescent moving head fixtures.

At Southeast Staging, we use GreenTech LED lighting products, which are designed for at least 60,000 working hours. This includes operating over 6 hours continuously, providing worry-free illumination with significantly reduced maintenance cost. The lighting is DMX controllable, allowing the lights to be dimmed, strobed, moved, and adjusted to different temperatures remotely. This enables the LED production lighting more versatile, taking the place of multiple incandescent fixtures and lowering overall rental cost.

We work closely with our sister company, Global Lighting & Production Inc., to provide the best lighting for events. Global Lighting & Production Inc, is one of the first Green Lighting companies in Georgia, and has worked on numerous movie sets providing LED green lighting to movies such as:

  • Need for Speed
  • Fast n Furious 7
  • Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • Godzilla
  • Black Panther
  • Baby Driver
  • and more!

We are experts in the biz and love what we do. Let us be your event production company and create an illuminating and breathtaking event that your audience will remember forever! Contact us today