Global Lighting & Production Inc. is a sister company and partner of Southeast Staging. Global is one of the first all “Green” lighting companies in Georgia.

Working with professionals in the Georgia area they’ve worked on numerous movie sets providing LED Green Lighting to movies such as: Need for Speed, Fast n Furious 7, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Godzilla, Keeping Up With The Jones, Black Panther, and Baby Driver, and many more movie and TV sets filmed in the Georgia area.

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Green Technology Lighting not only helps you save money, but also cuts down on the amount of energy used by the lights. Even with a low consumption of energy, our products still produce a high output of light without the excessive heat production.

Energy Savings of up to 92% efficacy, compared to only around 35% efficiency for par type incandescent lighting and around 10% for incandescent moving head fixtures. 

GreenTech LED Lighting products are designed for at least 60,000 working hours (operating over 6 years continuously), providing worry-free illumination with significantly reduced maintenance cost.

LED production lighting is DMX controllable allowing them to be dimmed, strobed, moved and adjusted to different color tempuras’ remotely. Thus making them more versatile taking the place of mulpital incandescent fixtures and lowering over all rental cost.