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Hosting a Corporate Event

Hosting a great corporate event involves many moving parts. There are not only organizational steps to take, but the process of setting up staging, lighting, video, and everything that goes into making an impactful occasion, can be very tedious and stressful. One of the most important aspects is ensuring guests have an incredible time. In order to ease the stress of the moving parts, we’ve compiled a list that will help your next event be successful.

Know Your Goals

It’s important to understand the goals of your event. Are you hosting a holiday party for staff and family members? Trying to attract new clients? Celebrating an achievement?

Understanding your goals helps you plan, budget, and promote your event the right way, leaving you with KPI’s to evaluate when the event has concluded.

Research Your Requirements

You need to think about your goals and research requirements from capacity, seating, and staging, to audio/video and lighting.

Create a Checklist

Not all events are the same, but there are pre-made corporate event checklists that can keep you on track. You can always create your own checklist, using a pre-made one as a guide.

Set a Budget

Understand the budget you have set, detailing the cost of each project. Make sure to stay on track and include any added features to the sheet.

Assemble the Right Team

Planning a large event is a tough job to do alone. It’s important to have people in place who specialize in the areas you do not.

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