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Concerts, graduations, rallies, film, and television all require extensive set-ups and equipment, and there are not many companies that can provide this type of equipment or service. One such company that has offered production staging for two decades is Levitation Staging. After 20 years of
service in the staging industry, Levitation Staging has closed its doors and moved on to new ventures. While we are sad to see our friends at Levitation Staging go, we are excited about their new journey. Levitation Staging was a service contractor to event producers, corporations, and sports marketing companies and was based out of Michigan but traveled nationally to clients all over the country. Like our friends at Levitation Staging, at Southeast Staging, we also service these types of companies and productions and offer the absolute best products and service.

Southeast Staging is one of the country’s largest event rental houses and we are proud to supply rental equipment and staging for any production needs. Like Levitation Staging, we are a full event production company that travels all over the country. We make sure our clients’ needs are exceeded on every job, every time. We have been providing production services for over 25 years and our dedicated team has over 90 years of combined experience.

If you have used Levitation Staging in the past, you know that hiring a staging company that uses top-of-the-line equipment can make or break a production. At Southeast Staging, we offer StageRight products because StageRight is at the top of the industry and manufactures the safest and most innovative products on the market. In addition to our staging, we also offer top of the line roofing systems. We only provide products that we believe in and know are the best quality to ensure that your event has no hiccups or setbacks.

Southeastern Staging also is proud to offer Green Lighting Technology. Green Lighting Technology helps save money and cuts down on the amount of energy used by lights. We offer GreenTech LED lighting that is designed to be long lasting and provide significantly reduced lighting costs. They are DMX controllable and can be dimmed, strobed, or adjusted to different color tempuras’ remotely. They can take the place of multiple incandescent light fixtures and significantly lower rental costs.

We specialize in rolling staging and LED Video Walls. Southeastern Staging is one of the few production companies in the nation to provide these services. Our rolling stages are designed in collaboration with StageRight and are the best and safest option for large sporting events or concerts.

Like Levitation Staging, we offer full event production and can handle every type of event from sporting events to concerts. We provide all the equipment your event requires including staging, sound, lighting, video, power distributions, and labor. We can also provide the postproduction and logistic services your event needs.

If Levitation Staging was your “go-to” provider for staging or production needs, we want you to know that Southeast Staging is here to take over for any of your production rental needs. We have the products, experience, and professionalism that you need to make sure your production is a success. We do the job right the first time, every time and we are ready to welcome any of Levitation Staging’s previous clients and help them make their production a success