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Media Risers – The Best Seat in the House

You’re sitting at home watching the Braves play. It’s a close game. They only need one more home run to win. The camera pans to the pitcher ready to strike out the hitter. Seeing the game this closely and being able to see all the players is vital in a game this close. How do the cameramen get these shots? Media risers!

Media risers are risers that are specifically set up for optimal viewing. These risers are used for many events. It’s important to get the perfect shot without anything in the way. These risers make it happen so you always have a perfect view at home.

What events are media risers used for? Some of the events you can use media risers are sporting events, fashion shows, and graduations. In any event, if you have video or photo, you need a media riser.

Southeast Staging is your go-to expert for media risers! Our team has years of experience in the staging business. Our media risers have been used for the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl, US Fed Cup, and political rallies. We want to make sure you get the perfect shot!

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