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Special Effects Staging

Special effects are an important part of tying your event together. They make the audience do a double take and create a memorable moment. They also make for a one-of-a-kind photo for everyone in attendance.

How do you create such an interesting display? There are many different ways to create a unique experience for your attendees. You first have to choose what kind of feel or ambiance you want to go for. If you have a music festival, you might want to get some fun fog machines and lights. If you’re hosting a corporate event, you might want to stick to just some simple fun lighting.


Whatever the event might be, you need experts you can count on. Who are your local staging experts? Southeast Staging! Southeast Staging is the place to go when it comes to making your event stand out. We offer a whole range of staging rental services including special effects. Our team has been providing production services for over 25 years.

We can help with all your special effects needs from lighting to fog machines to building something special just for your event. When you need staging experts, call Southeast Staging!

Mood and Temperature

A movie’s lighting must reflect the tone of a particular moment. Warm lighting helps to generate the emotional feeling that more serious films frequently have. Horror films frequently produce an environment that makes spectators uneasy. These sequences frequently feature key lights, which also illuminate moving objects like the villain in the gloomy settings. Typically, hospital settings use gentle lighting and are spotless. Lighting can be adjusted in each situation to create the ideal atmosphere.


The topic and surroundings of a scene are perceived differently depending on the lighting direction. You may modify the light to cast more shadows or cast fewer shadows by shining your light directly on an object. A topic with fewer shadows on it tends to be neutral and unthreatening, whereas a subject with many shadows tends to be shady and dark.


Color has a significant role in psychological interpretations, altering implicit perceptions and evoking particular feelings in people. The viewers will receive a very different message about the scene’s sentiment depending on the color of lighting you use.

With their AAdynTech Lighting high performance, single-source LED lighting fixtures for the film, television, and mobile production industries, Southeast Staging was one of the first green technology lighting suppliers for the film and television business. AAdynTech lights operate quietly and can save energy consumption by up to 90%. We will attract your audience with professional-grade lighting because we are industry specialists. Get a quote online or give us a call right away!