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Sporting Events: Tailgating Essentials

One of the best parts of attending sporting events is a tailgating in the parking lot prior to the event. There are several must-haves when it comes to tailgating. Keep reading to see our top recommendations for your next game day!

Portable Grill

Tailgating and grilling go hand-in-hand. Hamburgers, hotdogs, and brats are of some of the most common food items for tailgating at sporting events. Depending on the type of portable grill you are looking to use, you can make items such as skewers, wings, and more! Don’t forget the condiments and utensils!

Canopy Tent

Dedicated sports fans will attend game day weather it’s rain or shine. Having a canopy tent offers shade on a sunny day or shields you from rain, snow, or wind. There are even car, SUV, and truck tent canopies!

Comfy Chairs

Durable, lightweight chairs give you and your guests a comfortable place to sit. Why not enjoy your food and drinks prior to entering the stadium?!

Food & Drink Storage

Keeping your food and drinks cold is something to consider when tailgating. Make sure to properly keep food at the correct temps to avoid spoilage issues.

Folding Table

Having a place where you can put your plate of food is a great addition to a tailgate party. You can even use the table for games!


Nothing says uncomfortable like being soaked from head to toe by rain. If the weather on game day is questionable, bring a poncho to avoid being drenched.

Pop-Up Trash Can

Bringing your own pop-up trash can will help keep the mess at bay. Some of these pop-up trash cans hold 33 gallons and can be collapsed, making transport easier than trash bags.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you want to listen to the pre-game coverage or enjoy some great tunes, portable Bluetooth speakers are a must!

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