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Tier Level Seating Risers

Most production or performance events have an audience. Tier level seating risers increase in height the further back they go, elevating the audiences’ sightline. This allows for a clearer view of the stage or platform. There are additional benefits of tiered seating systems:

Seating Risers are Sturdy

A well-crafted seating system will be extremely sturdy and stable, making audiences feel as if they are sitting on a solid floor. Even with an uneven floor or ground, adjustments can be made to compensate for the irregular pattern.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Tiered seating systems give a polished and professional look. Audience members will be able to see the focal point of your event without obstructions, which is one of the most important aspects of an event.

Seating Risers are Versatile

There isn’t just a “one-size-fits-all” for tiered seating systems. They can be designed to fit your venue space and adjusted to your desired height between rows.


Should an emergency evacuation arise, risers help facilitate vacating the space. With seating on the same level, audiences tend to panic, potentially resulting in a stampede.

Quick Setup

Constructing seating for an event can require a great deal of time to set up and breakdown, but tiered seating systems can be rolled in and out of the venue in a short period of time.

When considering audience seating at your next event, think about the advantages of using seating risers. Seating risers provide your audience with a nearly perfect view of your showcase, while creating a comfortable and safe place for them to enjoy your event. If you need media risers or seating for your next event, contact the experts at Southeast Staging. We will put together the best system for you, your audience, and your space.